Paul Zeal
is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the Severnside Institute for Psychotherapy, a psychoanalyst with the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, a constellator, and a teacher and practitioner of Chi Gung and Tai Chi. He chaired Severnside for six years, is a founder member of the Site, and a founder member of Climate Psychology Alliance. He served on the training committee of the Exeter University MSc training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He has taught, supervised and practised psychoanalysis and phenomenology for more than forty years. He has an MA with distinction from Dartington College of Arts (2006).
With his wife Carol, he co-facilitates Systemic Family and Nature Constellation workshops at least once a term in south-east Dartmoor where they now live.
He has several papers and articles published in books, journals and magazines, including: ‘Tao for troubled times’ Resurgence Magazine (2010); ‘Listening with many ears’ European J. for Psychotherapy (2008); and ‘Staying close to the subject’ in Object Relations and Social Relations Karnac Books (2008). All are listed on his website.
Paul Zeal
Sep 16, 2017
Breath, Gender and Nature’s Dreaming


Nature seems to me to be an evolving dream. Modern humans have woken from that dream and tend to be destructively disconnected from the fragile ecologies of which they are nevertheless a part. What if, towards re-establishing harmonious relations, we practised referring to Earth as She, rather as the scientific ‘It’, despite the paradoxes and embarrassments that arise from that? What if we practised relating to her directly, rather than to each other about ‘it’?
Sex and Gender are two of the most contested words in language, with clarifications and confusions generated in equal measure. I will use the word sex to refer to that which has been anatomically assigned to us, and gender to refer to matters of masculinity and femininity. I will critically discuss traditional psychoanalytic libido theory, namely that all sexual arousal is masculine and that the feminine is a condition of passivity. I will revise this theory towards an understanding that the feminine is itself energetic when tuned into and awakened, and indeed can be felt to underlie all masculine libidinal manifestations.
Breathing and dreaming are ways to access these intelligible mysteries. Breathing, for the cultivation of energetic awareness; and dreaming, not simply as an activity within the envelope of sleep, but as a way of processing experience from the depths of the body in the human and wider-than-human relational worlds.
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