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Liz Burns March 1, 2014
Literary inspirations in therapeutic conversations: a systemic perspective

Nigel Smith May 17, 2014
The Expertise of the non-Expert Position: Systemic Solution Focussed Therapy

Graham Music
September 20, 2014
The Good Life: Altruism, Empathy & Experience

Julia Vaughan Smith 
March 2, 2013
Working With Symbiotic and Multi-Generational Trauma: Constellation and Other Approaches

Valerie Sinason  May 18, 2013

Language and Trauma

Sarah Nettleton  September 21, 2013
Bollas and the Creative Unconscious

Jeremy Holmes November 30, 2013
The Clinical Imagination: Conversations with Freud, Coleridge and George Eliot

Johanna Morrell January 30, 2016                                                                                     
The Power of Relationship: Creative, multi-disciplinary ways of working with the hardest to reach young people
Otto M Rheinschmiedt February 27, 2016                                                                         
The Fictions of Dreams: How Narrative Devices in Dreams and Literature inform the Practice of Psychotherapy
Sally Sales
September 17, 201                                                                                     
Intensely in danger, intensely attached:  Childhood and new practices of Mothering in a contemporary culture of risk

Margaret Landale November 12, 2016
The Present Moment - Cultivating embodied attunement and empathy


Rose Verney Feb 28, 2015
Late Connections, New Beginnings: Art Therapy in a Hospice

Paul Atkinson May 16, 2015
Heart and soul in the grip of neoliberalism. What kind of players do we psychotherapists want to be?

Jocelyne Quennell
September 19, 2015
Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Working with Children and Young People

Stephen Roundhill
November 14, 2015
Being Mindful of the Brain: Neuropsychology in context

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Challenging the Cognitive Behavioural Therapies: The Overselling of CBt's Evidence Base
Jonathan Shedler, Oliver James, Farhad Dalal, Patrick Pietroni, Goran Ahlin

2016 Soul Searching, Soul Making and Soul Breaking: Neuroscience, Psychotherapy & the Soul
Iain McGilchrist, Farhad Dalal, Julia Vaughan Smith

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