July 9th, 2022
David Zigmond
Humanity's Conundrun
David will speak to a range of themes from his latest book 'Humanity's Conundrum'.

From the back cover:
Is evolution progress? Why are Homo Sapiens both gifted with such reason, yet cursed with turbulent restlessness? How may we claim our anomalous nature? Here is an alternative psychology, and another way of viewing our history - both personal and as a species.
The small book will delight in its deceptions; its slimness bursts with wide ranging ideas, complexity is leached with clarity, weighty seriousness levitates with playfulness and wit.
Humanity's Conundrum may be a brief read but its ideas will linger in the reader far longer.

David Zigmond is a veteran NHS medical practitioner working as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and family doctor . He trained in a wide spectrum of psychotherapies from the psychoanalytic to the humanistic . Since the 1970’s he has published widely on hidden psychological and social aspects of welfare and healthcare . He now is an activist trying to salvage our better communal human sense and sensibility from our successive purblind reforms .

His publications include
2015 The Psycho-Ecology of Gladys Parlett: Hidden personal meaning in healthcare: Volume 1 (If you want good personal healthcare - see a Vet)

2015 From Family to Factory: Lost personal meaning in healthcare: Volume 2 (If you want good personal healthcare - see a Vet)

2015 Bureaucratyrannohypoxia: Volume 3 (If you want good personal healthcare - see a Vet)

2016 A Clinician's Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act

2019 The Perils of Industrialised Healthcare: Exploring the limitations of the King's Fund report: "Reforming the NHS from Within"

2021 Humanity's Conundrum

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