Peter Wilson is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. He trained in child psychoanalysis at the Hampstead Child Therapy Course and Clinic (now the Anna Freud National  Centre for Children and Families) from 1967 - 1971.
Since then he has held senior positions In the NHS, at the Institute of Psychiatry, Peper Harow Therapeutic Community and the Brent Consultation Centre and the Brandon Centre for adolescents.

He was the co founder and Director of Young Minds, the national child mental health charity and later the Clinical Adviser to the Place2Be charity that provides a comprehensive counselling service in schools across the country. He has been actively involved in policy developments in the field of child and adolescent mental health services and has published numerous papers and chapters on a range of subjects relating to child and adolescent development and psychotherapy. He currently lectures and teaches in various institutions, including the Anna Freud National Centre, The Tavistock Centre, The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Educatio and,the British Psychotherapy Foundation.
Peter Wilson
Nov 9, 2019
Me loves me:
What is this thing called Narcissism?
And resistance in Adolescence?
‘ Narcissism’ is a word that rings resplendently in contemporary popular culture. It seems everyone can be called narcissistic these days one way or the other,some with greater prominence  than others. It is no surprise that we are left wondering  at the end of it all,.what  the word actually  means. This paper is an attempt to make sense of  narcissism from a psychoanalytic point of view, starting with Freud’s seminal work on the subject and following through to the views  of Kohut and Kernberg, in the  seventies in Chicago.

The clinical significance of the the concept will be discussed particularly in relation to adolescence - adolescents being immersed as they are in a time of life which is particularly preoccupied with questions of body and psychic identity and integrity. A number of case examples will be given to highlight the technical problems of dealing with  what might be called ‘ narcissistic resistance’ in the psychotherapy of adolescents.
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