I have spent much of my working life working with young people, or with staff who work with those young people, usually in a therapeutic community context. Although these young people want life to be better, they do not usually present for therapy. More often, it is the the adult carers who are seeking respite from the anxiety, confusion or anger evoked within themselves by the behavior of these young people. A central task then becomes understanding the communications fueling the anxiety-provoking behavior and finding alternative forms of communication. This will be a workshop style of learning in which participants will have the opportunity to explore roles and embody ideas - should they so choose. Theorists I find most helpful in thinking about these matters include D.W. Winnicott, S.H. Foulkes and Pat de Mare.

So if we are damned as hysterics with wombs, who are we when our wombs are removed, or as the power of our presumed feminine imperative wanes? How can psychotherapeutic theory develop to manage the tension between physical fact and symbolic meaning for individual women in this context? How may we best empower women to reclaim ‘down there’ and normalise rather than stigmatise women’s bodies?

Mike Tait
Nov 14, 2020
Meeting and Matching the Moment of Hope
Mike Tait is a group analyst and drama-therapist, working in therapeutic communities.
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