Through a series of images, I will be looking at emotion as communicative,relational and political.I will argue that our feeling states are highly attuned to and co-created with those around us.Rather than conceptualise emotion as the province of the individual,I will explore a relational perspective in which  dynamics of inclusion, exclusion and performance may become embodied in the consulting room and in organisations as affectual experience which we come to call emotion.

Nicholas Sarra
The Politics of Emotion at Work.
Exploring the politics of emotion in the consulting room and organisations
Sep 21, 2019
Nicholas Sarra is a psychotherapist with a particular interest in group and organizational dynamics. Working primarily in the NHS but also on doctoral programmes at two universities (Exter and Hertford).

He is a Consultant Psychotherapist in the NHS also working privately as an organisational consultant and clinical supervisor.Qualified Group Analyst (member of the Institute of Group Analysis) and mediator. He has consulted to and mediated for numerous organisational groups particularly within healthcare both in the UK, Europe and USA. He has also been involved in a number of post conflict situations such as South Sudan and the aftermath of the Beslan hostage taking crisis in Ossetia.
he lives and works in Devon but has also lived and worked in the Sudan,People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia.
email: info 'at' limbus 'dot' org 'dot' uk
For more informtion, contact: Farhad Dalal 0778 222 0385