Farhad Dalal
Feb 2, 2019
Book Launch
CBT- The Cognitive Behavioural Tsunami
Managerialism, Politics & the Corruptions of Science
In this talk I will outline some of the main ideas in the book.

Is CBT all it claims to be? The book is a critique of CBT’s understanding of human suffering, as well as the apparent scientific basis underlying it. The book argues that CBT psychology has fetishized measurement to such a degree that it has come to believe that only the countable counts. It suggests that the so-called science of CBT is not just “bad science” but “corrupt science”.

The book not only critiques the science, psychology and philosophy of CBT, but also challenges the managerialist mentality and its hyper-rational understanding of “efficiency”, both of which are commonplace in organizational life today. Suggesting that these are perverse forms of thought which have been institutionalized by NICE and IAPT to generate a narrative to make it appear that all is well in the world of CBT. In contrast, the book claims that CBT is an exercise in symptom reduction which vastly exaggerates the degree to which symptoms are reduced, the durability of the improvement, as well as the numbers of people it helps.

Arguing that CBT is neither the cure nor the scientific treatment it claims to be, the book also serves as a broader cultural critique of the times we live in; a critique which draws on philosophy and politics, on economics and psychology, on sociology and history, and ultimately, on the idea of science itself. It will be of immense interest to all psychotherapists in practice as well as to policymakers in a range of different settings.

Farhad Dalal has been in independent practice as a group analyst and psychotherapist for over thirty years. He also works with organizations.
His previous books have questioned received wisdom in a range of territories including psychotherapy (Taking the Group Seriously), racism (Race, Colour and the Processes of Racialization) and equal opportunities (Thought Paralysis - The Virtues of Discrimination).

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