Sue Gerhardt
June 9, 2018
"A Fair Chance in Life"
Sue Gerhardt has been a practising psychoanalytic psychotherapist for 20 years, working in private practice in Oxford. In 1998, she co-founded a charity, the Oxford Parent Infant Project, and worked for 12 years with a wide range of parents and babies as a parent infant psychotherapist.   She is the author of two books- the best-selling Why Love Matters: how affection shapes a baby’s brain (2014) and The Selfish Society (2010) and is currently working on a book about health.
“I want Britain to be the world’s great meritocracy - a   country where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their talent and their hard work will allow.”

These words of Theresa May sound hollow after the Grenfell fire which exposed the gaping class inequalities that still exist in our society.  But still, the ideal of an individualistic, meritocratic nation is rarely questioned. This talk brings a developmental perspective to challenge the idea that every child can find his or her own place in society through hard work. 
I will describe recent research in neuroscience, biology and psychology and what it tells us about  human development as a dynamic, interactive process of system building within brain and body.  What does this mean when you are born disadvantaged? How can individual children find their place in a society which does not start with a level playing field? What is the way out of poverty?
Whilst modern developmental knowledge has changed psychotherapy in many ways, particularly our understanding of early attachment and trauma, I hope this talk might stimulate those of us in the helping professions to consider how we could use our experience and understanding to feed into a wider public conversation about the kind of society we want to create.
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